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Новые книги с книжной ярмарки "Book Drive and Sale."

Вчера писала о книжной ярмарке, и вот показываю мои приобретения.

Janet & Allan Ahlberg, The Jolly Pocket Postman
Janet & Allan Ahlberg, The Jolly Christmas Postman
Donald Hall, illustrated by Barbary Cooney, Ox-Cart Man
John Burningham, Whaddayamean
Heather Amery, illustrated by Stephen Cartwright, Farmyard Tales Christmas
Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows
Margery Williams, Illustrated by Donna Green, The Velveteen Rabbit
Ethel Heins, illustrated by Anita Lobel, The Cat and The Cook and Other Fables of Krylov
Judy Sierra, illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev, Silly & Sillier 

Ila Hodgson, illustrated by John E.Johnson, Bernadette's Busy Morning
Charles M.Schulz, illustrations from the Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez television production "He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown!", He's your Dog, Charlie Brown!
Helen Hoover, illustrated by Charles Mikolaycak, Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman
Michael Bond & Fred Banbery, illustrated by Peggy Fortnum, Paddington Goes Shopping
Becky Reyher, illustrated by Ruth Gannett, My Mother is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
David McPhail, Those Terrible Toy-Breakers
Esphyr Slobodkina, Caps for Sale
Maurice Sendak, Where The Wild Things Are
Allan Ahlberg, illustrated by Gillian Tyler, Treasure Hunt
Marie-Louise Gay, Stella Queen of The Snow

Arnold Lober, Small Pig
Bennett Cerf's, illustrated by Carl Rose, Book of Laughs
Else Holmerund Minarik, illustrated by M.Sendak, A Kiss For LIttle Bear
Arnold Lobel, Grasshopper On The Road 
Millicent Sellsam, illustrated by Erik Blegvad, Plenty of Fish
Arnold Lobel, Mouse Soup
Arnold Lobel, Owl at Home
Hans de Beer, Little Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare
Else Holmelund Minarik, illustrated by Maurice Sendak, Little Bear's Friend
Thomas P.Lewis, illustrated by Joan Sandin, Clipper Ship
Joy Cowley, illustrated by Robyn Belton, The Duck in the Gun
Judy Donnelly, illustrated by Dennis Davidson, Moonwalk, The First Trip To The Moon
Stephen Krensky, illustrated by Larry Day, Pearl Harbor
Peter & Coonie Roop, illustrated by Peter E.Hanson, Keep The Lights Burning, Abbie

Judith Viorst Alexander, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser, Who's Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move 
Astrid Lindgren, illustrated by Ilon Wikland, Christmas in Noisy Village
Astrid Lindgren , illustrated by Marit Tornqvist, The Day Adam Got Mad
Judith Viorst, illustrated by Ray Cruz, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Judith Viorst, illustrated by Ray Cruz, Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
Annie M.G.Schmidt, illustrated by Fiep Westendorp,  Dusty and Smudge And The Cake
Annie M.G.Schmidt, illustrated by Fiep Westendorp, Dusty and Smudge Splash The Soup
Richard Scarry, Hop Aboard! Here We Go!
James Herriot, illustrated by Ruth Brown, The Market Square Dog
James Herriot, illustrated by Ruth Brown, Moses the Kitten
James Herriot, illustrated by Ruth Brown, Boony's Big Day
James Herriot, illustrated by Ruth Brown, Only One Woof
James Herriot, illustrated by Ruth Brown, Smudge's Day Out

Imogene Forte and Joy MacKenzie, Creative Math Experiences for the Young Child
Caroline Young and Harriet Castor, illustrated by Steve Page and Robert Walster, Machines That Work
Leonie Pratt, illustrated by Katrina Fearn, Katie Lovell and Samantha Meredith, Summer Things to Make And Do
Illustrated by Kay Widdowson, Rebecca Elliott and Tim Charnick, Puzzles for Pirates
Ben Denne, illustrated by David Hancock, First Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans
Gillian Doherty, illustrated by Teri Gower, 1001 Things to Spot on a Farm
Frances Kennet and Terry Measham, illustrated by Malcolm Livingstone, A Child's Guide to Looking at Paintings

Anna Sewell, illustrated by Victor Ambrus, Black Beauty
C.S. Lewis, illustrated by Pauline Baynes, A Book of Narnians: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Jean-Louis Besson, October 45
Cornelia Funke, illustrated by Kerstin Meyer, The Princess Knight
Charles M. Schulz, illustrations based on the Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez feature film, "A Boy Named Charlie Brown," A Boy Named Charlie Brown
Illustrated by Carolyn Dinan, The Best Book of Nursery Rhymes
Robert Ingpen, The Afternoon Treehouse
Elsa Beskow, The Sun Egg
Rita Tornqvist, illustrated by Marit Tornqvist, The Old Musician 

На Русской Хрестоматии имеется дарственная надпись на старославянском языке, хотя надпись сделана в 1961 году:

Книгу "Родина" / Христоматiя/
дарю Николаю/ кажется Бибикову/
прислужившему при мнъ въ храмъ въ
городъ Калгари въ 1957 году.
Игуменъ Амвросiй-Коноваловъ.
       1961 года.

Dr. Seuss, The Sneetches and Other Stories
Riddles by Jean Marzollo, photographs by Walter Wick, I Spy Christmas
Charles M. Schulz, illustrated by Jen and Des Bartlett, Charlie Brown's 'Cyclopedia Featuring Stars and Planets
Joanna Cole, illustrated by Bruce Degen, The Magic School Bus Gets a Bright Idea
Arthur Dorros, Ant Cities 
Charles M. Schulz, illustrated by Jane Burton and Bruce Coleman, Charlie Brown's 'Cyclopedia Featuring All Kinds of Animals From Fish to Frogs
Leonora and Arthur Hornblow, illustrated by Michael K. Frith, Birds Do the Strangest Things
Millicent Selsam and Betty Morrow, illustrated by Winifred Lubell, See Through the Sea
George S. Fichter, illustrated by Rene Martin and James Gordon Irving, Fishes and How They Live
Bonnie Worth, illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu, All About Porpoises, Dolphins and Whales

Эти журналы очень похожи на Ого-Город. С очень симпатичными иллюстрациями внутри.

Louise Fatio, illustrated by Roger Duvoisin, The Happy Lion
Taro Yashima, Crow Boy
James Marshall, The Cut-Ups Crack Up
Russell Hoban, illustrated by Lillian Hoban, Charlie the Tramp
John DeVries, illustrated by Jeff Wakefield, In My Back Yard
Margaret Friskey, illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats, Indian Two Feet and His Horse
Barbee Oliver Carleton, illustrated by Dagmar Wilson, Benny and The Bear
Robert Bright, Georgie
Ann McGovern, illustrated by Nola Langner, Stone Soup
M. Jean Craig, illustrated by Rosalind Fry, The Three Witches
Sesyle Joslin, illustrated by Maurice Sendak, What Do You Do, Dear?
Edward Marshall, illustrated by James Marshall, Space Case
Harry Allard, illustrated by James Marshall, Miss Nelson is Back
Robert McCloskey, Lentil
Bernadine Cook, illustrated by Crockett Johnson, The Little Fish That Got Away
Margot Zemach, It Could Always Be Worse

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  • Немного про нас весенних.

    У нас такие сейчас теплые, ароматные и звонкие вечера. Приезжаем из бассейна в 7.15 и у меня есть ровно час до темноты погулять. Так сегодня…

  • Надо, чтобы в доме и собаки были, и кошки...

    Когда у нас жила белочка, нам приходилось несколько раз ездить в магазин для животных, и каждый раз там зависали у витрины с кошками на продажу.…

  • Про котиков...

    Каждый день Андрей заводит разговоры про кошечку или собачку... В Швеции и Украине с животными, за которыми можно понаблюдать, подкормить и…

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