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[8/30, 7:56 AM] Sasha: Just delivered a baby!!
[8/30, 7:57 AM] OK: Ohoho! How does that feel?

[8/30, 8:08 AM] Sasha: Well I delivered babies as a med student too, last June! But it definitely felt different this time. Like I'm doing it as a doctor now!!! So cool, I love it.

[8/30, 10:01 AM] Sasha: Lots of anesthesia residents don't do any deliveries while rotating through obstetrics because it's not technically "relevant" so they choose to avoid them....I mean you don't need to know how to pull a baby out as an anesthesiologist! But I think it's super cool so I like doing it!

[8/30, 10:03 AM] Sasha: Also half my job is already managing people. "Call radiology to that them to speed up" "call maternal medicine to ask why they decreased her dose" etc all day long.
[8/30, 10:06 AM] OK: Молодец, Саша! Правильно. Настоящий доктор такой и должен быть, я думаю! Mama will be happy to know about it.

[8/30, 10:51 AM] Sasha: Yea exactly that's how I feel too!

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